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Code of Conduct

Post by Killgore Grant on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:22 am

Here we will display the code of conduct, formalities and Active Service Contract.


By using Unit board. You agree to the following terms or will be Banned or Revoked.

-Guest are to respect all members of the base or will be locked out from clearance.
-Keep Post clean. No External sites to NSFW without proper clearance.
-Keep Unit board Clear. Maintain on Unitboard original subjects.Unauthorized Off Topic posting without Proper Clarence is prohibited.
-Keep all Subjects not in roleplay in specific manor.


By signing your service contract you are signing to join the Forgotten Army. You will agree to the following terms.

-All information given to you is confidential. Classified Information does not leave this base.

-All Members regarding rank are treated with the same respect.

-All orders given to you from higher officials are not up for debate. When given an assignment you are expect to complete and do what is completely asked.

- Outside Spies and Traitors are not welcome. When discovered you will be Captured, questioned and held as POW and Possibly Terminated. If part of a Previous PMC, Faction, or Union. You must list. If found out you are hiding information. You will be Captured and questioned and sent to POW camp.

-Members of Cypher Initiative, VOX, and CLW are not Welcome. You will be shot on site.

-All codes of conduct are applied.
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