Combat Team Introduction

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Combat Team Introduction

Post by Zack on Thu Jan 05, 2017 1:30 am

Kay..soo...I'm the Commander in Chief apparently..Killgore really just slapped these papers on my desk and told me to get to work. Your jobs are to do whatever the fuck i tell you to do. I will try to keep Active Missions and Barrack Missions separate from me just bossing you around because i can..

Right now im working on getting us some arms from R&D nerds and signing of use of the second amendment since we're in america now.. I'm also working on getting our own Private Sector that the visitors cant just walts in and out of. I'll have you Kiddos on the field doing my chores in no time. whenever i have something for you to do i'll inform you there..go ahead for now and just sit back and don't bother me..

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